4 Important Tips To Become An Effective Teacher

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One of the most rewarding and exciting jobs in the world comes from being a good teacher. However, this is also one of the most demanding jobs that have immense responsibility towards the students you teach. An ineffective teacher can cause stress, frustration and exhaustion among themselves as well as their students thus it is important to find ways to become a good teacher. Find below some tips that you can follow;

Setting a good example

Remember that as a teacher, you must always behave to set a good example to your students. Your students look up to you as a role model and most often than not, you will be like a “superhero” figure to them. So if you are rude, get angry often or is inappropriate then it is likely that they will emulate this same model for their own behaviour. This applies to even a home tutor and any adult in general. It is important for your students to see you as a confident adult who they can approach at any time with trust and care. Students need someone they can lean on and be comfortable talking to.

Define consequences for inappropriate action

When your students break the rules, make sure that they know the consequences and implement them consistently. Whether you are a teacher in a public school or a private tutor Singapore, follow a procedure in dealing with bad behavior that starts from a non-verbal sign, a verbal warning and if continued as a last resort to the implementation of the consequence. Of course, the consequences will depend on the action and the program of the given school, however it is important to be consistent and treat each student equally when it comes to defining the consequences for inappropriate action.

Be kind and compassionate

Great teachers form strong relationships with their students and show compassion and care towards them. They have extremely warm, caring and enthusiastic personalities that make them more accessible and comfortable to approach.


Always have some basic ground rules and your students know that it is important to maintain them at all times. At the same time, keep the environment in the class fun and vibrant so that students can get creative and are open to new ideas and have fun learning. Make sure to create a positive and thought- provoking environment for your students and engage them in competition whenever possible. Appeal them in creative work and interest in a fun way instead of commanding them to study in boring and unappealing study methods.