What You Need To Be A Good Secretary

In the modern day, the term secretary isn’t one that is used often. We live in an era where everything seems to be discriminatory in some form or the other. However, the functions of whatever the right name for the position is are the same. If you are a secretary and you want to advance in your position at a company in which you work, you need to be able to help your superiors out with their work. This means that you need to take the initiative and make decisions ahead of time, before you are even asked to do certain things. Proactivity is encouraged over simply being a personal assistant and reacting to the requests of the boss. This is something that Siri can do on his/her iPhone. You need to be able to anticipate your boss’ needs correctly and fulfill them before you are asked to.

What Does A Secretary Do?

As someone offering their corporate secretarial services to an organization, you are going to be involved with the same duties that position has had for decades. Mainly, this is correspondence of all forms including letters, phone calls and emails, as well as basic filing duties. You will also have to answer phone calls and filter them through to the boss, as well as rearranging the boss’ schedule as needed. While a lot of secretaries are typically tasked with handling a single corporate bigwig, some of them are on call like doctors at a hospital. When a secretary is needed somewhere in the company, the assignment is handed to one of them and they shoot off to do their duties.

What Skills Do You Need To Succeed?

The typical corporate secretarial services that are required including taking down the minutes of the meetings that occur in the company in which the assigned executive is involved. They also including typing out emails and writing letters as necessitated by the boss. Faxes need to be sent and schedules need to be altered on a whim. While a lot of secretaries stop their duties at the professional level, there are some positions that have personal duties specified in the job criteria as well.

These include tasks like getting coffee, food, ordering flowers, buying gifts for the boss’ needs, and even picking up the dry cleaning. In recent days, these personal services aren’t used in many companies because they are found to be less than professional in more ways than one. If you are asked to do some of these, don’t if they aren’t in your job description. Click this link http://www.helencampos.com/employment-pass/ for more information about Singapore employment pass.