Going Under The Knife For Your Eyes

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Nobody likes a tired and lazy looking eye. Patients all over the world seek help from reputed cosmetic surgeons to address issues such as a loose under eye skin, eyes bags, eyelids and sagging tissues to support the eye. When these issue are not addressed it can cause problems with vision. Two such important eye procedures are illustrated below.

Dropping eyelids also known as Ptosis is when the upper eyelids droop low. In some cases this causes vision problems. The droopiness is the result of decrease in muscle tone in the muscle that is supposed to control the droopiness. This is treated by an eyelid plastic surgeon. In children it occurs when it is inherent at birth and mainly caused by poor development in eye lifting muscles which is known as the levator muscle. This can cause moderate to severe vision complications in children. The child’s head would be constantly tilted and can result in delayed motor development. It does not affect their intelligence or functionality. While in adults it is caused by the separation of the lower aspect of their eyelids and the tendons of the levator muscle. This occurs usually due to long term use of contacts or aging. Surgery is the best to treat this condition. The surgery involves tightening of the levator muscle and tendon.

A double eyelid is when your eyelid has a crease showing. Commonly all Caucasians tend to have double eyelids however it is less common for Asians. Approximately half of the Asians have what is known as monolids which is a heavily lidded eye without a crease. So some of them go seeking for double eye lids. There are three types of double eyelid surgery- Full Incisional Method, Buried Sutured Method and Partial Incision Method. The cost varies depending on the method and level of difficulty on the case.

So whether it is Ptosis or double eyelid it can be restored. Most of the eye concerns are due to aging reasons. Fortunately a cosmetic surgery can correct and restore your youthful eyes. You have to understand what these surgeries are and what their outcomes are before you make that decision. And always consider the risks involved. And proper post-operative care is very essential in order to minimize complications. That includes things such as antibiotic courses and anti-inflammatory drugs. When you comply with your post-operative care you will recover quickly. Always take the advices of your doctor and address your concerns. Do no rush, do your research and then commit yourself to it. Because it should be a change that you do and you not want to regret.