Interested In The Film Industry?

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Life is amazing. People come up with different ideas and make the world an interesting place. Have you ever thought that the movies we watch every day are based on an idea of some person? Well maybe no right? When we watch a movie, we just enjoy the plot. But, it takes sometimes months to write a story and takes years to make a movie. It’s obvious that making a movie is not easy as watching one.

Today, we watch something called a movie or a film because someone out there has determined to do something different, to reveal something unique to the world. That’s why each movie has its unique quality. So, if you are also interested in making a movie, as a beginner, well here are tips.
Write the story.

The first things first. Imagine a story line. I’m pretty sure you all know that Harry Potter is an imaginary story which J.K Rowling is used to tell to her daughter. So, your luck can be anywhere. Read lots of books, this will give you an idea. And after that, take time and write a plot.

Get a camera

You need a camera for this. It’s obvious, isn’t it? If you already have a camera, well you practically nothing to worry about. If you don’t have one, you can buy a camera from the price range of $100 to thousands of dollars. It depends on your wealth. If you are looking for a camera to buy, try Panasonic, Cano or JVC. There are models in these cameras which you can buy for a cheap price.

If not, there is simple solution. You can use the video facility in your mobile phone. Since we are living in the 21st century, almost all the cameras have high quality cameras. For example, the film “The Blaire Which Project” I was filmed by an RCA camcorder. So, don’t whine that you don’t have a camera. Use the source which you have to gain the maximum output.

How are you going to edit the film?

For this, you need a little bit of experience. If you are a beginner, there is software such as Windows Movie Maker, IMovie Pad which will help you to learn the basic stuff in video editing.

After becoming pro in the field, you can use the more features in the best video editing software like Avid FreeDV or Video Edit Magic.

Find a place to film

You have to find a place which accords with your storyline. Visit some places and pick out the best. Moreover, you have to choose the cast for your film too. Among the hundreds of friends you have, I’m pretty sure that there must be at least one who will match with your fictional character. But, remember, you have to do something different to gain the attention.