Laptops Vs. Desktops

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Technology has been quite revolutionary from going to a simple desktop computer to a laptop, down to a small tab. In this generation, you most commonly see people using laptops or small tabs, but this might be the case only in public. Sources say that at least 80% of society still uses Desktops at their home or work. The question that many consumers who plan on purchasing their first machine are asking is it better to invest on a laptop or desktop. The question has been creating a bit of a ruckus in social media platforms; therefore we thought its time we address it by considering the pros and con’s of each of them.

 Advantages of Laptops

There was a time when pc sales were high and we all thought that the laptops will take over desktops and the desktops will seize to exist. The most obvious and main advantage of having a laptop is that it allows you to carry it around with you if you plan on travelling light or want to take your laptop to a class.

 Another advantage would be that it is very flexible, similar to the desktop; it allows you to connect with any external peripherals, such as external hard drives, scanners and printers. They also can be connected to input devices such as keyboards and mouse, which are available at any electronics shops in Singapore

 Disadvantages of Laptops

When compared with desktop computers, laptops have less power, and less room to install extra sound cards and graphic cards.  Which is why for task such as game development or video editing, laptops are not commonly used unless they are high-end laptops.

 Advantages of Desktops

Desktop computers have much more power and features; it has enough room to store all the extra graphic cards and sound cards. It is much easier to upgrade and are overall less expensive than laptops. It is also said that there is lower risk of theft and losing data with desktop computers. You can purchase desktop monitors that are as big as you like, and can act as a TV as well.

 It is also scientifically proven that having a desktop is good for your health as your eye level will be the same level as the computer where as, using a laptop can leave you constantly hunched over in an unnatural way.

 Disadvantages of Desktops

Desktops are not portable and can be too noisy at times. It is also said that it can be very noisy.

 I hope after debating on the advantages and the disadvantages laptops as well as desktop computers that you have come to an answer that will help you understand which product is better for you.