Marriage And Divorce

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Over the years the generations are more focused on wealth and how to develop that wealth is their matter. But during our grandparents days they were living in the moment and less competitive between their jobs, though they earned they knew how to live and they knew money is not everything. But when the time passed 20thcentury came and then 21st century is here the way we think is totally different than our grandfathers thought. We are experiencing things in a different way with the technology. We tend to think more than just choosing a partner. We want to be independent more than depending on someone but marriage is not about being independent it’s about how two persons are depending on each not based on money but love and trust. These days these younger generations have forgotten the fact that why should we marry? It’s not only because of love but how you both are going to build your own family through the storm of problems ahead they will face.

But as we can see we are hearing that this couple got married before three month but they have divorced. It’s not anymore surprising news since the divorce rate has increased over marriage. She might say she met this cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore that she got the case filed for this low amount. But it’s not a very simple process only if you are powerful with higher connections. The divorce is not the only solution but the last resort for you. If you are separating from your partner basically the sacrifices you both have made are lost unless if it’s a matter you both can’t get solved or one of the partners is verbally, physically and mentally abused you must separate from him or her.

But remember if it’s a small matter that you both can solved , thinking about both of the future and why you both got married, keep the ego away and get it solved. Like we have seen in television dramas they have been given wrong lessons to the world like showing how you can cheat another person while you are married person and how you can divorce your wife so easily, that’s not the reality. You are meeting a divorce lawyer that is expert in matrimonial law is not the solution.

It’s your courage to face the problems and workout your marriage. Always remember the vows you both said to each other and give a chance for him or to her change. Hopefully this might have given you an idea as to why you should not choose divorce so easily over marriage.