Organising A Weekend Getaway On A Budget

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Whether it be to get some pictures for social media or to take a break from the boring cycle of our mundane lives, a weekend getaway is a perfect opportunity to step on the path on adventure. However most of us think that this should be a lavish affair that leaves a serious dent in out pockets. Read on and let me inspire you to go on a weekend getaway on a budget.

Have an idea about your finances

How fancy do you want your weekend to be? This all depends on your budget. However you can have an awesome time with only a few hundred dollars in your pocket. If your life permits get a personal loan and splurge a bit because the experience is worth it. After you have an idea about the size of your pocket start planning. Look for special offers or discounts, the internet is full of these gems.

It doesn’t have to be far

There’s no rule saying you have to travel to some far off place. There are places you haven’t experienced right under your own nose. Not only would this save up on transportation cost, this will also let you spend less time on travelling and more time having fun.

Spend time on experiences and not money on things

An impromptu pick-nick with items brought from the local grocery store can be far more enjoyable than a high priced fancy dinner. This is where you get to play around with your creativity. The golden rule is that if you focus on the experience more than the things you acquire from the getaway, the more budget friendly it will be.

Be your own tour guide

Google is your best friend. Do some research on your own and I’m sure you will find some exciting adventures. Walking the hallways of a strange museum, looking up interesting facts on-line as you see things is a magical experience. Try to find some free classes or community events. This way you’ll be more open to living in the moment and getting the best out of your time.

Keep some extra cash

It’s always best to keep some extra cash on you just in case. Get a payday loan in Singapore if that’s what you have to do. Try not to spend this extra cash and keep it for emergencies.

With some planning and a little bit of creativity we all have the potential to spend our weekend in a way that will make anyone jealous.