Quick And Easy Party Ready Looks

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If you are a social animal who frequently finds themselves invited to parties and functions, then you know the importance of being party ready all the time. Fortunately, being party ready does not take too long as far as wardrobe goes; all you need is a healthy dose of confidence and a killer attitude and people won’t notice what you are wearing. However, your overall look does have to be slightly dressier and more fashion forward than what you wear to work. So here are some quick fixes to always being party ready.

Smokey Eye

The smoky eye make-up look is one of the easiest to pull off, even for someone who is not comfortable with applying makeup. You can start off by drawing a thick line with a pencil on the top eye lid and then smudging it with a finger towards the outer corner of your eye. Finish with a strong liquid eyeliner line. Or you could simply have eyeliner embroidery that will ensure a semi-permanent line that will save you a lot of time and money, particularly if you go out a lot. Then, all you need is some shimmer shadow for the lower lash line and you are ready to go.

Doll Face

An eyelash extension and some glossy, pouty lips will instantly get you a doll face look – another quick and easy make up fix. All you need is a lip gloss and some fake lashes. You can also cosmetically attach some lashes so that they too are semi-permanent. This way you don’t need mascara or any other product to make your eyes look and big and full. All you need in your bag are the two products mentioned above and you’re ready to go.  You can change it up for a day time function by going easy on the gloss.

Styling the Hair

The easiest thing in the world: let it down. For those with long hair, a party ready look is loose and slightly messy. If you are going straight from work then simply removing the clip or band holding it back can make all the difference. If you don’t like leaving it loose, reposition your work pony tail higher on your head; your face will be pulled back, making you look perky and fresh. If it’s more of an elegant cocktail than a rager, comb your hair back neatly, then twist it into a chignon. Tease out a couple of tendrils to frame your face and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to pop the top button if it’s gonna be a fun night. You literally can’t be so buttoned up!