Rules For Saving Your Paycheck

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When the day for you to pay that bill you forgot about the week before and you find that your cheque bounced two weeks after receiving your pay, may seem like the perfect hellish day but it is something we have all gone through on numerous occasions. So how do you avoid such irritating situations? By following some tips to keep money in your account.

● Practice the 30 days of Zen

Make a rule for yourself to keep you from buying things right when you get your pay cheque. Most of us have a conscious desire to go buy that item you always wanted to buy at the store, and usually the visit to the store ends up draining quarter or half of the pay and you end up with a lot of useless things that you end up using only once or twice. One of the main rules identified in order to deal with this satanic desire to buy things right when you realize there’s money is your account is to practice 30 days of Zen after your pay. Usually after 30 days have passed, so will your urge to buy the item that would have ended up in the pile of not-frequent-usage.

● Practice writing lists for shopping

Apart from being a great way to remember essential items to buy at the store, this is also a way to limit your brain to think only of the things in the list. So when you are going through the aisles and checking the list, there is less chance for you to wander about and end up buying non-essential items which will end up with you getting an instant cash loan in Singapore when bills come around.

● Try potlucks and having friends over

Although going out on Friday nights with friends sound like a great way to let loose after a week of heavy headache inducing workloads, it is also the path to headaches of bills being unpaid and instant money loan repayments. Instead of the traditional night out, start a new tradition of staying in and trying new dishes and recipes with friends. This will actually be easier for all of you and let you have a proper conversation without comments from random people and sounds that makes half the conversation drown out. You can do a BBQ or a steak night with wine if you want to try something fancy.

Cutting back on expenses and saving your non-essential shopping is the best way to cut back on costs that would come to your neck. Keep a log of expenses to understand where you end up spending the most so you can have a place to focus on reducing costs.